Do you still perform autopsies on conversations you had lives ago? Donte Collins (via analyticalmuslim) 42,514 notes
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You are made
out of comets
and stars.

Do not surround
yourself with those
that treat you like
dirt and dust.
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 ”Sad Shower in New York” by Tracey Emin
Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is? Frank Scully (via wittybits) 12 notes


crushes are great until you realize that they’ll never be interested in you 

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People wait
all week for friday,
all year for summer,
all life for happiness.
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To the boy
sitting alone
in the corner of the room

with your head
focused down
but your heart
made to loom.

I wanna tell you a story,
about a person
I have wanted.

An angel who can’t love me,
who’s left my skin empty,

he won’t dance with me
beneath the pouring rain.

He can’t wait for me
til midnight
and promise
to kiss away the shame

Of living for a soul
that’s meant
for someone else

Of choosing someone
would only keep you in his shelf.

So I look
to you instead
And hope you understand

Why I have
to save my sanity,
and pretend to know
the outline of your hand.

To force myself
to topple
into this fabricated lie

Where I’ll fall in love
with the idea
of our bodies to the sky

As you play to me
the love songs
that sing to your guitar.

And hear you say
the words
“I know we’ll make it far”

But you
don’t know my name
And I
don’t know your voice

So I apologize
to the boy in the corner
who I’ve used,
and left without a choice.

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my life is just one unattainable dark-haired guy after another 

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I think unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind. It’s just as crushing and just as thrilling. No matter what happens in this situation, I want you to remember that what you are doing is selfless and beautiful and kind. You are loving someone purely because you love them, not because you think you’ll ever have your affections reciprocated. You are admiring something for its beauty, without needing to own it. Feel good about being the kind of person who loves selflessly. I think someday you’ll find someone who loves you in that exact same way. Taylor Swift, on unrequited love (via bloggingsofafangirl) 19 notes